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5 great Cardiff events in May

By Gerard Harris - editor of Tuppence MagazineWhen the sun is shining, May can really bring out the best in the Welsh Capital, so here’s our pick of the best of what’s on in Cardiff to add to your plans to make the most of it. -Diffusion - Cardiff International Festival  

7 Sunny experiences to add to your Cardiff Bucket List

By Heleen - NosDa Web ManagerSpring has finally arrived and with summer just around the corner, it's time to get your shorts, sun-cream and flipflops out and start planning some activities! 1) Big Blue Beer FestivalStarting spring with our very own Big Blue Beer Festival  

Experience Cardiff like a local, start at NosDa!

By Heleen - NosDa Web Manager * THE CREW we have a small family-like team coming from Wales and beyond. They enjoy spending time together in our bar after their shifts have finished, that's how much they love the place! Invite them for a pint and they'll be happy sharing some  

10 Cardiff Fun Facts

Over 18 million tourists visit Cardiff each year! Maybe these 10 fun facts have something to do with that. 1) Cardiff has on average more hours of sunlight than Milan! It might rain a lot, but there you go.. Milan is worse. 2) The first Fair Trade  

NosDa's 10 'favs' of 'The Diff'

1) Stroll to ‘The Bay’. Only a short 25 minute walk away from NosDa, you will find lovely coastal views, great walking paths to go exploring (The Barrage), the Dr. Who Experience (will be closing from summer 2017!), a little Norwegian church (famous because of a children's book author  

8 Things you didn't know about NosDa

1) There’s a ghost living in our cellar – Really? Just ask our staff members and they will tell you stories of being haunted by phone calls during a night shift or shivers going down their spine when changing a barrel. 2) NosDa used to be a hotel  

Grace Hartrey and The Garden Party 'A musician in Cardiff'

By Grace Hartrey - Musician and NosDa crewI played my first gig in Cardiff at the age of 13. Well, I suppose I can’t really call it a gig as it was one of the cities many open mic nights that offer a platform for any and all performers. But  

Roald Dahl’s Birthday Celebrations

Roald Dahl has been a part of many childhoods worldwide, but what some may not know is that he was actually born and raised in Llandaff, Cardiff 100 years ago. The famous author of much-loved stories such as ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and ‘James and the Giant Peach’ was  

Summer in Cardiff. What's On '16

Enjoy summer in Cardiff with street theatre, live music, food & drink festivals and chill on Cardiff Bay Beach.- by Heleen July and August is Cardiff Festival 2016 and it's promising to be a lively one bursting with activities and events! With on top of the list Cardiff Bay Beach.  

NosDa has joined St-Christopher's Hostel Network

We are proud partners of the St Christopher’s Hostel Network You might have noticed that NosDa has recently joined the St. Christopher’s Hostel Network, and we are very excited about this! So what does this mean for guests staying at our hostel? Rolling out in partnership with some of the